Recycling plastic is practically impossible — and the problem is getting worse

Unfortunately Recyclable Packaging is not having the impact on the environment that was hope for. Flexible Packaging is the best way to reduce Carbon Footprint and Plastic reduction!

Greenpeace found that no plastic — not even soda bottles, one of the most prolific items thrown into recycling bins — meets the threshold to be called “recyclable” according to standards set by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastic Economy Initiative. Plastic must have a recycling rate of 30% to reach that standard; no plastic has ever been recycled and reused close to that rate.

“More plastic is being produced, and an even smaller percentage of it is being recycled,” says Lisa Ramsden, senior plastic campaigner for Greenpeace USA. “The crisis just gets worse and worse, and without drastic change will continue to worsen as the industry plans to triple plastic production by 2050.

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When deciding on your marketing strategy, either as a start up or a large company, Marketing plays a vital role in the growth of the company. The Marketing budget becomes key in deciding how to best spend those dollars.

Sampling is one of the simplest and most cost effective forms of Marketing a company’s product because it gets a small “test drive” of the product to the end user who also has to decide how to spend their dollars!

We can help you determine which samples would be the best test drive!


The personal care industry is fiercely competitive. Setting yourself apart is the key. CornerStone Packaging recognizes sampling your product is one of the “cornerstones” of your business and offering a sample of your product is still the best way to market your product. Specializing in personal care sample and retail flexible packaging we offer you the ability to present your product with creativity and cost sensitivity in mind for the optimum marketing effectiveness, with an emphasis on determining the highest return on your investment (ROI!).

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