What’s New?


Push Clean has created a delivery system like no other. The container is a two-chamber system consisting of fluid in the outer chamber, and a pressed towelette within the inner chamber. PushClean separates towel and liquid til time of use. With a firm press to the middle of the container a valve opens at the bottom, activating the system. After being released, the fluid then begins mixing with the towel. Once absorbed, the towel expands and can be easily unfolded and ready to use. Push Clean is perfect for having wipes handy when on the move.

  • Compatible with many types of formulas

  • Towelette is 100% biodegradable
  • Revolutionary patented technology
  • Container is 100% recyclable
  • Can contain up to 8ml of liquid


Reseable strips are available in sizes ranging from .3ml to 10ml and up to 5ct strips in both P/E and P/P, depending upon the size of the strip. The possibilities for the multi-purpose vials include a variety of products—such as skincare, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body scrub, sun tanning products, and cannabidiol (CBD) substances. The tubes are available in a variety of different resins and colors, depending upon a client’s product needs and specifications. Single-dose vials can be labeled, or pad printed with a product/brand name, dosage, etc. Additionally, they can be filled with all the same product or have each vial filled with a different formula. The multi-use tubes can reseal simply by inverting and replacing the cap.

  • Up to 5 break away resealable vials per strip
  • Can be filled with any liquid, cream, lotion, or gel
  • Resealable for multiple dose use
  • 100% recyclable


The Patented Isosceles Prism Design encompasses all materials and structures (containers, injection molded closures/pouches, tubes, etc). This design allows the containers to be stacked one on top of another, nested next to one another (thereby having 2 bottles taking the space of one round cylinder for sustainability), as well as having a multi-colored 2-D prism appearance resulting from 2 different colored triangular sides facing forward with a logo on the front panel.

  • 2 ISO bottles fit in the space of 1 cylinder, dramatically reducing shipping cost. See packout picture below.
  • Unique design allows for increased shelf presence
  • Available in bottles, injection molded closures, pouches, and tubes

ISO Bottle Shipping Diagram