Tubairless Technology

Tubairless vs Regular Tubes

  • Consumers complain about the residue trapped inside regular plastic tubes
  • Tubairless has been designed to improve ease of use and significantly reduce waste

Tubairless vs Jars

  • Consumers complain about the lack of hygiene due to the use of jars for thick creams
  • Brands are looking for alternative simple solutions to dispense their thick formulations
  • Tubairless has been designed to improve convenience and enable safer use

Tubairless vs Airless Packaging

  • Consumers complain about regular Airless bottles that can get blocked or deactivated early.
  • Brands are looking for affordable alternative Airless solutions for thick products.
  • Tubairless is an efficient solution to protect thick creams and reduce cost.

Tubairless vs Traditional Airless Packaging

  • Brands tend to emphasize the Sustainability criteria in their selection of packaging.
  • Traditional Airless packaging with rigid bottle piston and multi material pump are questioned
  • Tubairless can be up to 5 times lighter than traditional Airless bottles
  • The container of Tubairless is mono material 100 PE

A Unique Set of Advantages

  • Tubairless® combines the simplicity of the tube and key features of Airless packaging

For the Brands:

  • Proven and reliable solution for thick creams
  • Possible reduction of chemical preservatives
  • Cost savings compared to conventional pump packaging
  • Reduction of over filling
  • Consumer loyalty and early buy back
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Differentiation in a highly competitive market
  • Reduction of the environmental impact

For the Consumers:

  • 25% more product effortlessly
  • Longer lasting freshness of the cream
  • An instant dose with each pressure
  • Use in all positions, 360°
  • Easier and faster to empty
  • More nomadic and convenient to take anywhere
  • A tube always worth showing that keeps its shape

Hybrid Breakthrough Technology

  • Tubairless is bridging the gap between tubes, flexible stand out pouches and Airless bottles
  • Hybrid “pump free” Airless squeezable packaging Bag in Squeezable Tube
  • Combination of Plastic tube Flexible pouch Airless bottle
  • Tubairless technology and process are patented WW Europe, US, Canada, Brasil, India China, ect

Hybrid Breakthrough Technology

  • Mature standard configurations covering a wide range of products
  • Made of standard PE in order to easily pass product compatibility tests by brands 7
  • The container Tube+Pouch can be mono material 100 PE

Innovative Technology

  • Large range of sizes Diameters 35 mm
    40 mm → 40 ml 150 ml
DIAMETER 50 ml 75 ml 100 ml 125 ml 150 ml
35 mm
40 mm