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Our Products

Single Packettes

ConerStone Packaging offers a variety of size options for single chamber packettes. From very small (.5ml fill) to very large (2 oz fill) and sizes in between, we can help package your product into a powerful marketing tool.

Dual Chamber Packettes

We offer dual chamber packettes for items that require “Step’s 1 & 2”


We offer Trios (3 attached chambers) packettes for products that require “Steps 1,2 & 3”

Hang Tag/Neck Hanger

We offer Hang Tags/Neck Hangers for products that need to attach to your rigid retail package.
Offered in die or standard shape

Die Cut Packettes

CornerStone Packaging can help you replicate your retail line of items to enhance the branding of your company and products. When the consumer uses a die cut sample, they won’t forget it when the go to buy the retail size!

Multi Use Flexible Package

CornerStone Packaging is now offering flexible packaging that is perfect for multi-use and trial size.

Soft Touch Packette

CornerStone Packaging offers material that will allow your sample to have that “soft touch” which enhances the experience of the product sample. Softouch is a perfect cross marketing tool if you have a retail product in a soft touch tube


CornerStone Packaging can help you with a single serve towelette or a multicount flowpack

Magazine Inserts

CornerStone Packaging can help with your Magazine Insert marketing. We will provide the printed card, the filled packette (which requires a specialiized burst proof material), adhering the packette to the card and then packout in specialized containers for the magazine printer.


CornerStone Packaging will help you get creative with your sampling. Putting your product into a sleeve will allow you to offer a sample with a bit more informaiton about your product or instruction for use


CornerStone Packaging will help you put your product into a display carton for retail use We will print the carton, fill the packettes, put the packettes in the carton and shrink wrap it so it’s ready to go to the store shelf!


CornerStone Pacakging offers the capability to give your sample a way to tell a story. We will print, manufacture the filled packette, attach the packettes to the card to create a beautiful marketing tool that will increase the experience of your target market.

Secondary Packaging

CornerStone Packaging can polybag and heat seal your packettes